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I expect so much

I expect a lot of people. I’ve always known that about myself.  However, I’m learning that the people I am usually the hardest on, and expect the most out of, are the ones closest to me. Particularly my husband.

~ I want him to be like me

~ I want him to parent like I do

~ I want him to think like I do

~ I want him to do all the things that I do as a Mom, willingly, without having to be asked

~ I want him to know what I am thinking without me saying it

~ I want him to be on the same spiritual journey

~ I want him to want the same things that I want

And then I realize how crazy that is.

* He brings a perspective that I don’t have

* He has different ideas than I do

* The boys don’t need another Mom – they need a Dad

* He can fix anything – I can fix almost nothing!

* He has his own needs

* Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique

* He needs to be supported

* He needs to be respected

* He needs a wife to love him unconditionally

So for today, I am painfully admitting my broken ideas and expectations of my husband. And, I’m choosing to work to be a better wife. A better supporter. A better partner.

Because regardless of how much work it takes to keep a marriage strong in the messiness of raising two young boys, it is worth it. It always has been.

This is written in conjunction with life: UNMASKED at Joy in this Journey

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