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Losing to Give – Challenge 2

Many of you know that I just returned from a quick trip to Kansas City to see some friends, including my friend Jamie, who is battling metastatic breast cancer. It was a great trip, and I was so happy to spend time with her and my friends. I am completely inspired by Jamie, and her attitude towards life. You can learn more about her amazing journey on her website,

A few things have been resonating with me since my trip.

1. I need to appeciate my health and take better care of myself. Our health is truly a gift that most of us take for granted (I know I do). Jamie doesn’t have a choice that she is battling cancer again. But, I have a choice to eat healthier, exercise, and make good choices for me and my family. The time to start is now.

2. I want to do something to honor her. I pray for her every day, but I don’t live close, so I can’t help with daily things. Then it hit me. I can do a second losing to give challenge, and this time support in her honor!

So, my second Losing To Give challenge will start tomorrow. In November of last year, I did an eight week challenge and had sponsors pledge to support me with donations to a local food bank. It was a win/win, as I lost weight and helped hungry people in the process. The challenge helped to keep me on track, and helped to inspire others as well.

Here are the details. I will start a 12 week challenge (from April 1st to July 1st). My goal will be to lose 20 pounds in that time frame. I will gladly accept pledges up to the 20 pound mark, that will then be donated to in Jamie’s honor. Last time, I had pledges starting at $1/pound and up. You can fill out the information from the link below, or just email me with your pledge amount.

I understand that this is a difficult time for many people, so if you can’t support the challenge financially, I would still LOVE your support and encouragement! And, if you feel compelled, I’d love to have others join me in the process!

Here’s to raising some money for Breast Cancer, and losing some weight in the process!

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