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I loved this reading today from “Lent for Everyone” on youversion. I continue to be drawn to the image of the tree as a representation of my own life. I was blown away by Jeanne Stevens’ comment when teaching at The Orchard several months ago. “Some people are called to be a tree, so that others can climb up on you to see Jesus.” I had never heard it phrased like that, and it has opened my eyes to many things within my own life and where God has currently placed me.

Now, this passage today, reminds me that we need to be trees planted, looking for water, so that we can produce fruit at the right time. Not in OUR time, but in God’s time.

I love how the Lord speaks to me in so many ways to reinforce that I am hearing what He wants me to hear.

Scripture: Matthew 7:1-28
Reading Plan – “When Jesus uses the image of the tree, he is drawing, as so often, on an ancient biblical picture. The first Psalm speaks of God’s true people like trees planted by streams of water, which will produce fruit at the right time, while the wicked are like chaff blown around by the wind. Jeremiah develops this picture (17.8), thinking of the tree that sends out its roots to look for the water it needs. Lent is a time when we should be doing that: sending out our roots to look for the water of life. The challenge of these verses isn’t simply one of learning to recognize true Christian teaching from false. The challenge is to become, ourselves, trees that bear good fruit, people who not only say ‘Lord, Lord’ when it suits us, but who apply ourselves to the much harder task of discerning and doing God’s will.

Gracious Lord, draw our roots to yourself, the living water, so that we may grow strong and bear good fruit.”

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