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Check in to Healthy Living

So, I am officially past three weeks of eating healthy and exercising more. I am also participating in the SexyBack Challenge with about 200 other people around the country.

I am really focusing on NOT weighing myself constantly, or getting caught up in how much weight I am losing. Yes, that is one of my goals. However, the MAIN goal is for me to get healthier. From what I eat, to how much I move, to how I feel.

So, the official total is that I am now down 10 pounds from when I started. I have also lost over 3 inches. I am very pleased with that, but again, really trying not to get focused on the numbers. For me, these are some of the things that I am getting pleasure from feeling:

* My clothes fit better
* I have more energy
* I am more active
* I feel great!

Looking forward to continuing this journey together. Have a great, safe 4th of July weekend! I am so thankful for the people who sacrificed so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have. God Bless America!!

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Healthy Living Challenge

Week one of the SexyBack challenge, and week 2 of my own healthy living challenge = complete!!

I feel amazing.

More energy.



More determined.

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

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Five Simple Steps

I’m two weeks into my health living transformation, and I feel great! Here are five simple things I am doing that are having an impact.

1. Letting myself feel hungry
Instead of eating just because it’s the time to eat, I’m actually allowing myself to feel hunger and then eat at that time. It requires having healthy snacks available for when that time hits.

2. Get moving!
In addition to exercising regularly (I have walked 3-5 times per week), I am also seizing any opportunity to move. That means riding bikes with the kids, as well as walking around the park while the kids are playing, instead of just sitting on a bench checking Facebook or Twitter on my phone!

3. Water, water, water
I always drink water, but sometimes I need a little flavor. I used to reach for a Diet Coke at that time, but now I grab another glass of water and put a shot of MiO Liquid water enhancer in it. It has a little flavor that breaks up the water routine!

4. Stop beating yourself up
Even if I slip up and eat something not so healthy, I no longer beat myself up. I quickly re-correct and start again with a healthier choice at my next opportunity. We are always so much harder on ourselves than others. Why is that?

5. Cardio Burner app
This is my new favorite app. It tracks your workout and lets you listen to your music at the same time. I had used RunKeeper before and tried to play Pandora at the same time. It never seemed to work right. Cardio Burner has reminders for upcoming workouts and will track how many calories you are burning. It’s a great motivator!

What simple steps are you taking to get healthier? I’d love to hear from you!

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Sexy Back Challenge

I’m already more than a week and a half into the changes I’ve been making to eat healthy and drop the excess weight. I’m tired of making excuses for why I can’t do it. It’s time to change.

So, when I saw @loswhit’s SexyBack Challenge Sexy Back 2011 posted, I knew I had to join. Now, in addition to what I am doing to make healthier choices, I can join in with over 200 people who are trying to do the same. Having a support group always makes a huge difference!

No, I do not plan on taking my shirt off, and the whole idea of “sexy back” is not something I think of when I think of me. But, I am looking forward to the results in the next 12 weeks!

My realistic goal is 25 pounds in the next 12 weeks. I am already feeling so much better in a week and a half. I can only imagine how much better I will feel in 12 more.

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Week one…..done

It has been a full week since I started reading Made to Crave and began this journey toward a healthier me. I cannot believe how much better I feel. I am learning to trust God and crave him instead of food. I am learning to think about what I am doing and making smaller, gradual changes.

I have eaten better. I have exercised more. I have started letting myself get hungry, instead of constantly numbing myself with food. I have prayed more. I have been more productive.

I am looking forward to sharing more about this journey. What small change can you make today to help yourself start on a healthier path?

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Made to Crave

I just started reading the book titled ‘Made to Crave’ by Lysa Terkeurst. I am definitely realizing that this is an area of my life that God wants me to work on. I’ll be blogging more about my journey here.

The best thing I have taken away so far has been the revelation that “we are made for more than this.” I have applied this to so many other areas of my life, but never considered it when it came to my weight and being healthier. And honestly, I’m realizing that this is one more area where I have struggled to give up control and trust God to guide me.

I am really looking forward to this book in addition to the changes I am working on to get healthier. I would love to hear your thoughts about changes you’ve made in this area.

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