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Still plugging along

Well, somehow life has gotten crazy over the last few weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to post. I’ll admit that Thanksgiving time was harder for me than I thought it would be in regards to eating healthy! I definitely got off track a little bit, but I am back on track. I realize that I often do this in many areas of my life. I get really excited about something and work really hard at it, then slack off a little bit and struggle. It’s just confirmation that most things require a lot of hard work, dedication, and the ability to pick yourself back up when you’ve had setbacks. Luckily, I am committed to making this a lifestyle change, and want to get healthier. I am thankful for all of you who have been encouraging me and continue to be positive reinforcement.

I am now down 11 pounds and 8 inches. Definitely not as far along as I would have liked to have been, but I am happy with my progress. I want to raise as much money as I can to help hungry children. I have had several opportunities recently to be exposed to organizations that help care for children in need. What an amazing experience. I am so incredibly grateful for everything we have, and the fact that my kids don’t have to worry about when and if they will eat that day. The fact that there are children all over the world, and even right here in our area, who worry about that continually just breaks my heart.

So, I will continue on my journey until the 31st to see how much I can raise to help them. Thank you for your continued support.

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