World’s Best Mom

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. My boys told me on multiple occasions that I was the “World’s Best Mom.” Every time I hear it, my heart melts. How could it not, when I receive a funny card like this, picked out by my eight year old?

And homemade cards like this from my six year old.

And hear it from these two beautiful faces.

Of course, we Moms know that is not true. There are always Moms who do more, do things differently, have more kids, and seem less stressed. This list could go on forever. We can always compare ourseles to other Moms who never seem to get it wrong. And if there really was an award for The World’s Best Mom, we probably wouldn’t be on the list.

But I think that is one of the worst things we can do.

As Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

And to our kids, we are the World’s Best Mom. We’re THEIR Mom.

We feed them, protect them, hold them, love them, support them, and encourage them. There is nobody like Mom.

I do realize there will be a time coming when they will not feel this way. It’s coming sooner than I prefer.

But that will be a phase. Deep down, I believe they will still know all of these things. They’ll just have a hard time showing it. And it may take them some time to figure it out.

So instead of comparing myself to other Moms, I choose to live in this wonderful moment.

I choose to enjoy that I am their Mom.

I choose to enjoy that God has given me two incredible boys to love.

I choose to spend as much time with them as I can, when they still want me around.

I choose to embrace their uniqueness.

I choose to help them understand how incredible they are, and that there is nobody exactly like them.

I choose to help them see the world through the lens of compassion and grace.

I choose to accept this amazing journey of being their Mom.

What do you choose?


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