Different paths

I have learned to appreciate the fact that everyone is in a different stage in their faith walk. I know this because my husband and I are in very different stages, and took completely different paths to get where we are. I also have friends in varying stages as well, from no faith at all to completely unwavering faith.

I used to believe that there was a “destination” that people worked towards. That’s what I was taught. I know now that isn’t true. Everyone’s faith walk looks different. There is no destination. It’s a continual journey. Just when we think that things are going great and we are right where God wants us, that can change in an instant.

Road Sign

Road Sign (Photo credit: freefotouk)

I have learned that it is silly to want someone to be where you are spiritually. Do I want them to experience a relationship with God? Absolutely! But what I go through looks different than what the person next to me will go through. The amount of work it takes to change my heart may be completely different than how someone else is impacted.I’ve also realized that God speaks to people differently. Sometimes it’s through music or nature or poetry, and sometimes it’s in a conversation with a friend. For me to expect someone else to hear or see things the same way that I do is pretty close minded.

One of the things that my pastor continually challenges us to do is to take one more step forward in our journey. Whatever it is. It looks different for everyone. But, if you are moving forward, and challenging yourself to grow closer to God, you will be amazed at where this journey will take you.

Have you experienced this? I’d love to hear from you.



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7 responses to “Different paths

  1. Great insight! I hadn’t thought about this, but it’s very true! Maybe this will help me be more understanding of others’ journey….

  2. The paths may be different, but knowing that they intersect at some point makes the journey easier. Thanks for showing me the path, and letting me blaze my own trail!

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  4. The past year for me has been very much about learning to trust the journey, stepping out into the foggy unknown and appreciating the beauty that is around me in that moment. Each step, each post, each word doesn’t feel like much, but over a year every one has made a difference!

  5. Tammy, this is so true! I kind of want to gauge where I’m at with others and that is just not how it works. I’m not Jeff Goins. I’m not Jon Acuff. I’m not Tammy Helfrich either. I’m Jim Woods. We are ALL moving forward one step at time. Sometimes that means taking 3 steps backwards and 4 steps forward-and that’s okay.

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