Our emotions

My pastor said something recently that has been sticking with me.

“Our emotions are a gift to us from our Creator.” ~Scott Hodge

He wasn’t just talking about joy. He was talking about every one of our emotions. There are reasons why we have them. For example, anger fuels us to action. If we didn’t have it, could we truly be passionate about something? That has made me think more about our emotions.

It seems like we live in a society where we are encouraged to suppress all of our emotions. We want to numb them. Because we’ve been told we should. I’m not really sure how that all started. Maybe because people just couldn’t get control of their emotions and others didn’t know how to deal with it.

The question he asked us to ask ourselves is “Why?”

Why are we facing it, feeling it, and what is behind it?

He showed a picture of an iceberg, which I think is such a great visual for our emotions. Typically, there are things buried much deeper below the surface.

A photomontage of what a whole iceberg might l...

As I engage more with people and dig deeper in relationships, this is something that I am really working on understanding more. I am also learning to dig deeper into my own emotions to uncover what’s behind it.

What do you think about emotions? Do you find it easy to stop and reflect on the emotion while you’re experiencing it?


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  1. Sis

    No, it is not easy to stop and reflect on my emotions. I have to consciously question my mind and see if there is truth behind the emotion or if it is caused by low blood sugar or if it is just selfish. Emotions are very messy, they do cause lots of good feelings like love, compassion, motivation, and connection.

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