Maybe I wasn’t stuck

The other day, I wrote that I felt stuck. And I did. But was I really stuck in a rut with my fitness and healthy eating plan?

Not really.

I have started adding running intervals to my walks. And I’ve continually stuck to my kettelbell workouts. I am working out at a consistency that I have not had in many years. I did have a little work to do with my eating habits, but they weren’t out of control.

So what was going on?

I think I realized it when I read this comment that my husband wrote on my Facebook post.

How can you be stuck when you’re motivating me?  You make it possible for me to pedal those extra miles.

I simply FELT stuck. In my mind, I was beating myself up. I wasn’t doing enough. I was going to start gaining weight back. I wasn’t dedicated enough. It is just too hard. I am destined to be this size forever. I don’t have what it takes to keep this up. It would be so much easier to just give up.

But when I read his comment, I was reminded of other people who have told me similar things. My healthy eating and working out routine has helped motivate some others, including him. They see me making an effort and working hard, and they feel inspired to start making changes. That’s how I started as well. By watching others make significant changes. And being inspired by them. I’m still continually inspired by people I work out with, and friends who are living active, healthy lifestyles. I will be writing more about this soon.

So, I have decided to silence that inner critic. I can do this. It is really not that hard. I am dedicated, and want to truly change and be a healthier me. I just needed to remind myself!

How do you silence your inner critic? Sometimes it feels like a constant battle, doesn’t it?





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4 responses to “Maybe I wasn’t stuck

  1. Jordan

    Tammy you are wonderful at putting your thoughts into words! When you feel “stuck” just remember we all go through it….many times!!!!! I feel so lucky that when i am “stuck” i get to hear your motivating voice at 5:30am pushing me through our workout!!! You may feel stuck but the changes i see in you are amazing!!!! I admire your willpower and am so proud of you!!! Keep up the awesome work and these awesome blogs because they help motivate me!!!

  2. I SO identify with this post. I am very hard on myself, so it’s nice reminder that many times, I’m NOT stuck…it just feels that way. Love this

  3. Anybody who can resist the chips and salsa isn’t stuck! ; ) You rock.

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