Feeling stuck

I have been in somewhat of a “funk” for the last few weeks regarding my plan to get healthy. Don’t get me wrong. Things have been okay. I have still been working out, eating healthier, and added running intervals to my walks. I even fit into pants that I have not been able to fit into for years! But, something has still felt off. I’ve felt stuck.

A traffic cone stuck in the mud of the old ent...
A traffic cone stuck in the mud of the old entrance to Bathurst Basin from the River Avon in Bristol. Français : Un cône de signalisation dans la boue à l’ancienne entrée de Bathurst Basin depuis la rivière Avon à Bristol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 I kept thinking about it and wondering why I felt so off. I loved this image, because in feeling stuck, I also found a “caution” sign that hit me over the head.

This is the point I usually get to and then STOP!

As I’ve written about before, I have been a serial yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life. I was always in great shape growing up because I was an athlete. But once I got into the real world and wasn’t consistently working out, I put on weight. And then there were those kids! I took full advantage of the “I’m pregnant” excuse, as well as the “I just had a baby” one too. Okay, so it was six years ago, but that still counts, right? 🙂

Since I’ve had kids, I have had multiple periods of dropping weight and working out. However, I usually got to about this weight and size and then would start feeling extremely confident. I would start eating things that I had cut out of my diet. I would exercise a few times less per week. I would slowly start revisiting old habits.

The difference this time is that I have not been focused on the weight. I have been focused on getting healthier. And I understand myself a little better. This time, I am realizing that trigger BEFORE I put 15 pounds back on and then feel defeated. I am realizing that I need to start holding myself more accountable for what goes in my mouth again. It is the only way to push through this next level of losing weight and getting stronger and smaller.

And of course, you can apply this lesson to so many different areas of your life. Marriage, work, relationships, kids, dreams, etc. The list can go on and on.

So, how do you overcome feeling stuck?



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3 responses to “Feeling stuck

  1. Tricia

    I set a new fitness goal. Something that doesn’t seem attainable and then work towards it. Even if I don’t succeed really well I have usually made progress

  2. I think nothing works better than meeting an uplifting friend for coffee. That’s what I’d recommend!

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