This is one of my words for 2012. I am learning just how important it is going to be. I am starting a season of heavy travel. It is causing me to adjust my schedule.

~ The schedule that I have worked so hard to create over the last six months.

~ The schedule that my husband and family are used to.

~ The schedule of working out 5 times a week in the morning.

~ The schedule of eating healthy and losing weight.

~ The schedule that allows me to be home more.

And when I first realized this, I started to panic. Even though I had thought hard about this new job and what it would require. I had prayed hard about it. Rick and I had talked through it. I had talked to people in my inner circle. I had peace about my decision.

I still panicked.

How can I do it?

I’m going to be gone so much.

I will miss my family.

I’m not good at working out on the road.

I won’t have the discipline to eat healthy when I’m gone.

The voices in my head were LOUD.

I’ve never met someone who had a positive internal voice ~ Al Andrews

And then I realized the answer was that I would have to be more intentional.

~ I will have to be more intentional about my trip planning.

~ I will have to be more intentional about being present when I am home. Not on Facebook, Twitter, or blogging. Being present. I need to be with my family.

~ I would have to be intentional about my workouts. The days I am home are a must at Kettlebell. The days I am traveling, I will workout when I can.

~ I will have to be intentional about the food I put in my mouth. I have been trying to learn this anyway! Now I will have to plan better and make wise choices.

~ I will have to be intentional about organizing. I need to simplify where I can and make sure my family has what they need when I am gone.

~ I will have to be intentional about my time. My husband has always been great about giving me freedom to do things I want with friends and coworkers and church activities, etc.

While I can’t (and don’t want to) let these relationships go, I have to be more intentional about any time that takes away from my family. I will be saying no to fun things more than I typically do.

Will it be easy? No.

But, as always, it is worth it.

So, what kinds of things are you more intentional about?



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2 responses to “Intentionality

  1. I have to be intentional about not believing those freaking voices that scream in my head!!! I like that you reminded yourself that you had prayed about this decision and had discussed it with the people that matter. That’s a great doubt-silencer, when you go back to the beginning!

  2. I also need to be intentional about those voices in my head!! They can really make or break a good intention. You can do this! Stick to your plan.
    Have you thought about small exercise tools that you can bring in your suitcase like bands or a jump rope? Those are things you can do in your room.

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