Fear tries to isolate you ~ Jon Acuff

What is one of the first things we think of when we are afraid? I’m the only one who feels like this. Everybody else has it figured out. Nobody understands.

I felt this way when we were experiencing problems in our marriage. Nobody I knew would understand. They have it all together.

But do you know what I found as I opened up to close friends? Many of them were struggling. They just didn’t want to be the first one to admit it. But when I opened the door to the conversation, they walked right in.

What about that dream you have? The one you are afraid to say out loud. The one you think nobody will understand. Have you talked to anyone about it?

I think we have been conditioned to keep things in. To try to act like everything is fine (the “f” word, as Jon Acuff calls it).

I was talking with an old friend the other day who was amazed at how open I was about sharing things. She always feels like she has to keep it in. And that’s when I realized that I used to be like that, until I found a community of people who are living authentically. It has changed everything for me. I have learned that I can be myself and embrace living right where I am. I have also learned that I do have something to offer the world, and my dreams and passions matter.

So, do you feel isolated by fear? Most likely, there is someone near you who is feeling many of the same things.

Are you willing to open up about it? I think you may be surprised by what happens when you do.



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2 responses to “Fear

  1. Such wise words, Tammy. I’ve had the same experience…Once I opened up about something, I discovered I wasn’t alone.

  2. jim

    This is one fantastic thing about the Quitter Conference, realizing that pretty much everyone in the entire room is very similar to you. You are NOT ALONE, even though you think you are. I HIGHLY recommend the War of Art, which helps us put a label on this fear (and doubts, procrastination, etc.) , calling it resistance.

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