Thoughts from a second time Quitter…

Last year, I went to the Quitter Conference. At this year’s conference, I was talking to a friend I had met there last year about our first Quitter experience. She had the best explanation for it. “We looked like deer in headlights.”

The ideas that Jon presents about following your dream, changing your life and fully living, can be overwhelming. Especially when you have NO idea what your dream is. That was me last year. I had completely stopped dreaming.

When Jon announced the second Quitter conference, I asked him if he recommended that people come for a second time. His response was yes! And, he said there would be more interaction with the attendees. This was something that excited me. There had not been much time to network last year. Finding others who are chasing dreams is not always easy. And being in a room full of 200+ others who are, is pretty rare.

For me, that was the best part of this year’s conference. Don’t get me wrong. Jon is still incredibly funny and motivating. And having more clarity on my own dream definitely helped. Am I excited about the changes I have made to date? Absolutely. But what I’ve also learned is that hearing other people talk about their dream and share it really excites me. Why? Because I’m an encourager. In some small way, I can hopefully support them or encourage them.

I met some incredible people at the conference. I look forward to following them, supporting them, and learning from them.

I love hearing people passionately talk about their dreams and providing hope to others. Jon does an amazing job at that. It never gets old. But what resonated with me this time were more practical things that I can apply.

So, what were my key learnings?

1. When you talk about your dream, it often makes people go deaf. Wow. That is so profound. When you say “I want to write a book”, they may hear, “What you’re doing is not good enough. Why aren’t you doing something more with your life? or I’m cooler than you.” Jon just wrote a great post about this.

This nugget has helped me realize so many things about people. It keeps going back to “It’s not about me.” People are often listening to the voices in their heads rather than to what you are saying. So don’t take it personally that they don’t understand your dream. Many times, their response has absolutely nothing to do with you. This advice can apply to SO many areas of our lives.

2. Approval is a terrible fuel for a dream. I struggle with this one for sure. I want people to like me and respond to what I am doing.  I like confirmation and acknowledgement for what I’ve done. I’ve gotten so much better at this over the years, but it is great to think of it in the context of dreaming.

Approval will fade. Many people won’t like what you’re doing. You have to be your own fuel.

3. I’m going to measure my obedience, not results. This one hit home for me. It’s exactly what I’ve been learning over the last few years. Learning to live in true faith and trust. To not have the plan all figured out. To simply obey when God leads. What does that mean for the future? I have no idea. What I do know is that I am being obedient. I am reaching out to people when I feel led. I am writing when I feel led. So for me, this is going to be my mantra moving forward.

4. If you want support, give support. I have always tried to do this, and have been more intentional about it lately. Having a support system has been immeasurable for me. But, I have learned that as I’ve supported others. This is something I think so many people miss.

So, if this was your first Quitter conference, should you go to the next one? My answer is definitely YES!  If you put into practice what you have learned at this one, you will be amazed at how much more clarity will come at the next one. And if you’ve never been, then you should definitely go!!

A big thank you to Jon Acuff, and the entire event team, for another great event. Also, remember to give your feedback. One of the things many of us responded with were that there was not enough time for networking. They took that feedback and improved it.

So, what were your learnings? I’d love to hear from you.


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One response to “Thoughts from a second time Quitter…

  1. I learned that random conversations often impact people more than I would have imagined. I learned that listening to other people’s powerful dreams and encouraging those dreamers is even cooler than talking about my own dreams. And I learned that even through we have to be our own fuel, encouragement and connections from other Quitters are still super-important!

    It was GREAT to see you again, and thanks so much for all the encouragement!

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