What did your Dad say?

Did your Dad have a saying that you always remember? My Dad had a few.

One that sticks out was a simple one. In his quiet manner, when my mom would be upset and couldn’t get us under control, he would walk in and calmy say “You guys, settle down.”

Did it work every time? Almost! He had such a gentle way about him that it calmed us instantly it seemed.

The other was during our morning routine. If he was having a hard time waking us up, he would burst into our room and jump on our bed and tickle us, yelling “here comes the tiger!” I would always groan about it, but looking back, it makes me smile. I never knew why he used that phrase or where it came from. But, I’ll always remember it.

So what kind of phrases do you remember your Dad saying?



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2 responses to “What did your Dad say?

  1. Kit

    “All day, all night, Mary Anne” and “pray tell.” Strange, huh? My grandpa could have a book written about all of his little sayings though!

  2. Anna Hammond

    My dad always used to say “You need to make a choice” whenever I was in a bad mood or had a bad attitude. By the time I was twelve, I thought this was the dumbest advice in the whole universe, because it seemed so impossible to just make a choice to like something or be happy about something. I mean, helloooooo, my life was like, super hard.

    But he just kept saying it, and as I grew up it really stuck with me. Now when I’m stuck with a difficult or unpleasant situation, I can totally hear him saying “You need to make a choice, Annie” — and usually, that’s enough to remember that God didn’t design my feelings to be the final say on how I respond to things. Emotions and feelings are important, but they shouldn’t have complete control over what I do. It makes for a much happier life!

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