Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has always been interesting since I’ve known Rick. We went on our first date on February 10th (over 21 years ago – WOW!). He remembers wondering “Should I send her a card? We only went on a first date!” He did. And it was very sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day... (Photo credit: Јerry)

It also falls two days after the day that my Dad passed away. He passed away on my parents’ wedding anniversary. I know that had to be so hard for my Mom. They would have been married 47 years this year. But, I guess I can’t really say that anymore, since she was remarried to my StepDad for the last 10 years. But, I like to think my parents would still be married at this time if my Dad was still alive. Things to ponder, I guess!

I say all of this to say that I’ve never put a big emphasis on Valentine’s Day. Rick and I decided a long time ago to only celebrate our first date anniversary instead of Valentine’s Day. This year, we both forgot. Oops!

But, we’re learning to celebrate each other on a continual basis, rather than just on specific holidays.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day?


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  1. Tammy, you’re absolutely right, your post is kind of similar to mine today. Focus on the big picture, not just one holiday!

    I love this part “we learning to celebrate each other on a continual basis” that part is soooo good!

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