The real deal

I have posted about Jon Acuff before. I follow his blog, read his books, and attended his Quitter Conference last year.  His advice has had a huge influence on my life this past year.

He’s help me realize that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. And that you can be an influence right where you are. No matter what you are doing. It definitely doesn’t always involve actually quitting your job.

Tonight was the first night of this year’s Quitter conference. It was excellent! Particularly because he is so incredibly funny, and also because he is the real deal. He is honest, open, and willing to share his mistakes. He is also incredibly down to earth and nice.

He did a great job after the first conference of following people and supporting them. One of those people was me. He linked to my blog and has been incredibly supportive. He knew who I was when we met, and thanked me for an email I had sent him.

For anyone who might be skeptical that Jon is just doing this to sell more books or get famous, I can tell you that is truly not the case. His passion is to share his ideas with others and help them.

Thank you, Jon, for showing us how to follow our dreams, and for being willing to help others follow theirs. You are truly an inspiration.



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3 responses to “The real deal

  1. Such a true statement about Jon! Thanks for sharing about the newest Quitter Conference! Looking forward to hearing more about this weekend!

  2. Good stuff… I agree, the conference was so well executed! I got to say hi to Jon very briefly at the very end, and told him I had no idea how he was still going. He never stopped talking with people, listening, and answering questions. THEN jumping on stage to deliver hours more of material! Glad I went!!

  3. I so second that. He has been a huge inspiration to me as well. Quitter could not have come at a more perfect time for me. This past conference was even better than the first one; something I didn’t think was possible. It was wonderful to meet you face to face, Tammy, after seeing your name in the comment section for so long. 🙂
    Good luck in your dream pursuing!

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