How do you feel it?

How do you feel God’s love? I often feel it most during church. Sometimes, I can’t help crying. Other times, I am totally overwhelmed by it. I feel completely thankful and totally secure in the arms of God. It is an awesome feeling.

I didn’t always feel like this in church. In fact, for many years, I felt extreme conflict. I felt the tug at my heart from God, but I continually pushed back. I fought it. Over and over again. I couldn’t wrap my arms (or mind) around the fact that He loves me just as I am. Not how I think I should be or how others think I should be. He loves me. Period.

I will never forget the first time I heard Taylor Phelan sing the song “How He Loves”. I had never heard it before. I literally cried like a baby as he sang it. Because I finally understood it. He really does love me that much. It didn’t hurt that Taylor has an absolutely amazing voice, either!

I have realized that music is a very big way that God speaks to me. It is partly because I am a musician, but also partly because the words and the music together are something that resonate deeply with me. That’s why I can sometimes cry continuously through the worship portion of the service. It’s also why I have not yet gotten involved in our worship team. I am fearful that I would never be able to control my emotions!!

I have also realized that God speaks to me in many different ways. I just need to slow down long enough to pay attention. He surrounds me with His love continuously throughout the day, and not just in church. However, I do think that there is always something special about gathering with so many other believers and worshiping together. The intensity seems stronger sometimes.

I also feel so close to God on an airplane. Very strange, I know. There’s just something about seeing the earth from the air and taking in its beauty that draws me in and makes me incredibly grateful.

So how does God speak to you?

Through art?

Through nature?

Through poetry?

Through words?

I would love to hear from you.



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2 responses to “How do you feel it?

  1. God speaks to me most strongly in words.Words light me on fire and God can get my attention so quickly through the words on the page of any book. He also speaks to me in the quiet. I love when I reach a place of solitude and it’s just Him and me.

  2. Joni Ruhs

    After shoveling tonight (12 am) I pulled out a folding chair and sat near the driveway just inside my garage watching it snow. I live on a closed street so it was absolutely silent with a smattering of my neighbor’s wind chimes here and there. I haven’t had much quiet in the last couple months so it was nice to just sit still. I think I sense God’s love when I see or hear something that just makes me feel good. I feel like God knows exactly what will touch or move my soul and I receive it like a gift. Most often its in the arts or nature.

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