You can do so much more

Why do we limit ourselves?

Why do we think that we don’t have what it takes?

Why do we sabotage ourselves by telling our minds that we can’t do it, and what is the point in even starting?

Over the last five months, I have been realizing how often I did this. I started on a quest to get healthier before my 40th birthday, and it has been an amazing experience. In the past, I have used almost every excuse in the book for not getting healthy.

I had two kids!

I’m a busy working Mom!

I deserve to eat it! (Isn’t that the craziest thing we tell ourselves?)

It’s too hard!!

I don’t have time to work out!

Deep down, I have always known that I have potential to be in good shape and be healthy. I used to be! I was an athlete all the way through college. I was active! But, I got lazy. My priorities shifted and I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped committing time for me.

What I have realized over the last few months is that I am capable of so much more than I have allowed myself to imagine. It goes along with so many other things I’ve written about, like how I stopped dreaming, how I didn’t think I was creative, and how I didn’t think I needed to work at my marriage in order for it to be a happy one.

With the help of some amazing instructors, coaches, and workout buddies, I have pushed myself in my kettlebell workouts in ways that I haven’t since I was an athlete. I have lost weight, gotten healthier, and I am stronger!

With the help of some amazing leaders, I have pushed myself in the area of writing and blogging.

With the help of some amazing friends and mentors, I have pushed myself spiritually and am helping to coach others as well.

So what’s limiting you?

Whatever it is, take a step today and move towards something that you want. Remember, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN!!



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3 responses to “You can do so much more

  1. Great post Tammy! It’s great to see people blowing through the ‘head-trash’ and being their best!
    Keep it up! MOTORhard!

  2. awesome post….need to remember this for myself more often!

  3. Nice sharing Tammy! Proud of your committment and results –

    Thanks for making me think –

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