Seven more weeks…….

40th  balloon

Image by sasastro via Flickr

This hit me the other day while replying to someone on Twitter. I only have seven weeks left in my 30’s. Wow.

The old me would be really sweating right now thinking about all of the things I HAVEN’T done yet that were in my plan. Bigger house, better car, more retirement savings, less debt, more saved for the kids’ college funds, a more prestigious career, having started something very impactful, etc. Don’t get me wrong. Some of these are things we have been working on and have made significant progress from a few years ago. But, the new me is okay with where I am now and where I am heading. And honestly, some of those things don’t matter at all to me anymore.

Have I done many of the things I would have liked to do before my 40th birthday? Yes!

Have I done anywhere near what I thought I would have done by this upcoming bithday? No.

But that’s the beauty of where I am in my life right now. My faith is stronger than it’s ever been. I have learned that God sees me in a way that nobody else does. And I am learning to see myself how He does. It’s incredible what a difference that makes in your priorities, what’s most important, and how you live your life.

I’m also learning to see life differently, which means I am no longer walking in a straight line trying to get from Point A to Point B, where I used to think I should go. There’s an entirely different dimension that I never anticipated or thought of, and it is so freeing to live in it.

The one thing I have made significant progress on is in getting healthier. I started this process in June and wrote about it here. I decided that getting healthier was something I was going to focus on during the last half of the last year in my 30’s.

That was my main goal. To eat healthier, workout regularly and have more energy. Did I want to lose weight? Absolutely! But I was not focused on the number. I had to develop a healthier lifestyle. The direction I was continuing to head was bad for me both physically and mentally.

I am very excited to say that I have made significant progress. I am down more than two sizes, workout 3-5 times per week, and eat  much healthier. I feel great!  I am so thankful for the amazing support system I have with my husband, friends, workout buddies, and many others who have encouraged me along the way. I’ll post more about this before the big day in a few weeks.

And for now, I will be enjoying the next seven weeks by continuing to work on being healthier, as well as enjoying the holidays with family and friends. I am no longer afraid of the big 4-0!!


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