Always and never



I use these words more than I ever realized. These two words have the ability to spike my husband’s blood pressure. He absolutely cannot stand it when I use them. Why? Because I typically use them when we are in confrontation or argument mode, and they are directed at him.

Are these two words ever used properly? Does my husband ALWAYS do something? Probably not. Does he NEVER do something? Probably not true either.

I’m not sure when I started using these words. I know from English class that you shouldn’t use them. But somehow they creeped into my vocabulary over the years. And I have made a conscious effort not to use them anymore.

So what about you? What are the words or phrases that irritate your spouse? What efforts can you make to change them?



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4 responses to “Always and never

  1. I’m thinking about my husband using these words and me not liking them. ha. He’s very black and white so I introduce some gray to his world. 😉 Now I’m sure I have words that annoy him to no end too…

  2. My husband doesn’t like it when I ask him if he is angry with me. I have a tendency to apologize and think that his happiness is dependent on me. wrong, I know. I’m learning.

  3. Oh, I hate when I’m saying them and I hear that voice in my head telling me NOT to say them! The do creep in, don’t they!

    So glad you linked up! I pray you are encouraged!

  4. oh i hear you, i am exactly like that too, those words infuriates my husband..but he uses them too, so we are even 🙂

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