Drifting apart

When you are with someone for a long time, there can often be periods that just don’t feel right.  Life becomes a routine. You are so used to the other person being there that you start taking things for granted or stop doing them altogether. Lots of things.

 ~ Like talking to each other about something more than just the daily tasks

~ Like showing them that you care they are around

~ Like kissing hello and goodbye

~ Like reaching over to touch each other just because

~ Like talking to your spouse respectfully

~ Like praising your spouse publicly instead of belittling them

~ Like dating your spouse

~ Like being thankful for the spouse you have

~ Like praying for your spouse

And before you know it, when you are not doing some of these things, you can become unhappy. You drift apart. You wonder how you got here. You start to wonder what it would be like if you were just alone.

Would it be easier?

You wish things were different, but it seems like too much work to try to get back to happier days.  But, things CAN change.  Every day is new. No matter where you are in your marriage, you can choose to do something different today.

~ You can choose to be the one to make the effort

~ You can choose to speak differently

~ You can choose to go out of your way to do something nice

~ You can choose to tell them how much you love them

~ You can choose to push through the tough times

I know it can be done because we’ve been there. We’ve treated each other badly. We’ve taken each other for granted. We’ve gone through periods of not working on our marriage. And it’s not fun.

However, choosing to make different choices can be very fun. It can ignite something you forgot you had. It can help you appreciate your spouse again. It can help you live again.

So which do you prefer? What are you choosing to do differently today?



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4 responses to “Drifting apart

  1. I love it! This is a lesson that is learned and relearned every day of my life. I just posed a story based upon the life of my grandparents that echos the sentiment.

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